19 Brilliantly Easy Camera Tricks for Professional-Looking Pictures

Everyone has a camera nowadays, and most people fancy themselves some sort of photographer. But most people, even if they have a photographer’s eye don’t have the equipment to take professional-looking pictures. Although anyone can take high resolution pictures with their smart phones now, professional photography is about a lot more than high-rez. And the […]

Use LEGO to Teach Basic Math Concepts

Learning for your kids is a hard endeavor if not done properly. And what’s the way, you ask? Well, it usually means involving them in some fun activity through which teaching is seamlessly included. One such example is math using Lego pieces! Division, multiplication, fractions they all seem so easy now, don’t they? As simple […]

15 Genius Clothing Hacks

15 Genius Clothing Hacks

Everyone’s been in a tight spot when it comes to finding awesome home remedies to clean clothes that are stained or damaged. Whether you want to clean up your favorite top after you spilled something on it or you’re trying to figure out how to spice up a pair of ripped jeans, these hacks are for […]

55 Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

When you aren’t connected to the DIY community and the DIY way-of-thinking, a barrel is just a barrel. You don’t see past the obvious function of storing that a gallon drum has and that’s a pity. But no need to feel down because we are here to offer you a fresh and creative approach to […]

Handcrafted Mason Jar Pendant

The search for improvements to the interior design of your home is a day-to-day challenge. If you were looking for a rustic style to implement, here is a piece that will definitely help your designing efforts. Measuring 23 by 7 ½ by 31 inches, the mason jar lampshade will give the room a nice customized […]

How to Construct Houses with Plastic Bottles

It may seem unbelievable but you can build houses out of plastic bottles filled with sand. These projects are made especially by NGOs from African countries. For example, the house from the video below was made by the Samaprman Foundation. The plastic bottles were gathered from trash cans and then filled with sand. This way, […]

DIY Button Light Shade…

Fractured light was not an option…so I choose a simple linen shade.   I had used buttons in the officescape to make button pin tacks, so I thought I’d carry on with that theme, and out buttons on the lightshade.   Using a gluegun (next to my dropsaw, my most valued possession!) I glued rows […]