How To Make A Pet Coat From Recycled Daddy Shirt

Here is another great use of Daddy’s old shirts. Turn them into adorably stylish coats for your lovely pets. This will not only recycle those old shirts, but also make fantastic and unique coats to keep your fur baby warm. This is a simple sewing project. Head over to Wew Doggy Style for step by […]

How To Repurpose Old Baby Cribs

Babies grow fast. And they outgrow everything quickly. Soon they won’t need the cribs any more. What can you do with the cribs other than giving away? Well, you can repurpose them. Today I will share with you How To Repurpose Old Baby Cribs. You can make something useful while keeping the memories. Keep reading […]

Iridescent Beauty: 12 DIY Holographic Projects

The holographic trend is BACK! You can’t deny that you missed wearing the shining accessories and decorating your home with the lustrous decor pieces! Jump right back into it with these simple but mesmerizing DIY holographic projects that will bring the iridescent beauty back into your daily life! 1. Holographic Vase Ditch the mainstream vases that don’t […]


When it comes to pallet-based upcycling for the do-it-yourselfer, there are hundreds of great ideas out there from creative garden designs to home furnishings and decor. The big question is, “Where do I find free pallets?” Here we take a look at some good tips for finding the best pallets for the job, as well as a few […]

Colorful and Creative Crafts Using Marbles

We’ve loved playing with marbles since we were little kids. Whether you’re building PVC tubing tracks for the marbles to roll through, sending them flying at each other across the floor to knock a friend’s score out, or just arranging pretty patterns in different colours with them, marbles are undoubtedly a great way to amuse […]