How to DIY Old Sweater Beanie Hat

t’s getting cooler, and time to get out those sweaters in deep closet. Do you find that you have a pile of old sweaters that are no longer suitable for you!? Don’t dump them away, here is a simple, creative project brings new life to old sweaters in the most wonderful way – make beans out of an old sweater. […]

DIY Clay Pot Smoker Tutorial-Video

Clay pots are becoming popular not only for gardening, but for craft projects now. We have practical Clay Pot DIY Projects for Your Garden and  Clay Pot Fountain Projects with Tutorials. Now you can make your own handy Clay Pot Smoker in lowest budget. This is the perfect size to carry around and you will love the results! If you love […]

11 Expenses to Stop Spending Money On

Is your budget too tight? Don’t have any extra cash? If you’re serious about cutting back expenses to free up some money, you need to see this article. It may change your life. Caroline at says her family lives on one small income. They’ve had to learn to make do, or do without, for […]

How To Make PVC Archery

PVC pipes are not only for plumbing, but also many other cool stuff. We have shared with you How To Make PVC Pipe Shoe Rack and how to do Gardening With PVC Tubes. Today let’s learn How To Make PVC Archery. What you will need are 40″ of  1/2″ PVC pipe 16″ X 3/8″ dowel […]