How to Have Spotless Windows for Months

If you’re like most people, you only wash the exterior side of your windows maybe once a year, right? Even if you’re a fastidious window washer, the figure can’t be more than once a month. Either way, all of that effort should last, shouldn’t it? Sadly, under normal circumstances, the effect only last maybe a […]

Do It Yourself Plumbing

The trend today is DIY. However, do it yourself plumbing needs much more knowledge, skills, and experience than many might have thought. In general, we do not recommend DIY plumbing works for your home. Too many times, we try in vain and often make a small leak turn into a faucet that will not turn […]

How To Make Cute Button Bookmarks

Lovely doesn’t necessary mean complicated. Today I am featuring these button cute and yet simple to make bookmarks. Here are what you need to make them fancy buttons paper clips hot glue felt Step by step tutorials from Jamielyn Here is a video tutorial for How To Make Cute Button Bookmarks. Enjoy!

DIY Scarecrows: Farmer’s Raggedy Helpers

Birds are cute and adorable creatures but they can be very annoying when they come to nibble on your planted seeds and other goodies already growing in your backyard! Fool the birds into thinking you hired security to protect your farming land every hour of the day by making a big, raggedy scarecrow! You can […]

How to make a DIY chore chart for kids

Making a DIY chore chart is not only fun, but educational. It is important to teach children living skills so that they can take care of themselves when they leave the nest. Involving them in household chores does not only build their ability and independence, but also increase their sense of helping and confidence. Here […]