11 Gifts You Can Do With A Mug

These gifts are so simple but yet so thoughtful that everyone would love to receive one. Cinnamon Bun Bouquet hristy Robbins / christyrobbins.blogspot.com DIY Mug Candle Hello Home Shoppe / Poppytalk / poppytalk.com Get Well Mug Creature Comforts / brit.co Gloves The Alison Show / thealisonshow.com Hot Chocolate Mix A Spoonful of Sugar / aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com […]

How To DIY Citrus Slice Purse Tutorial

Looking for some DIY Fashion inspiration I came across this website which is filled with awesome DIY projects. One of them it was this DIY Citrus Slice Purse. Beside doing this purse with citrus slice you can pick any other fruit you want and experiment yourself. Here it is how it looks like when it […]

12 DIY Stamp Project You Can Do Now

Learn how to crave and do your own Stamps that are easy to do, but at the same time look cool. Carving Block Stamp Follow these directions to create your own stamps Cork Stamp Check out these directions Foam Board Stamp This blogger decorated utensils with a Sharpie to match. Geometric Eraser Stamp Print all […]

7 DIY ways to hide your cat litter box

Are you having a cat and she is being a bit of hard to handle cause it just jumps around, sleeps everywhere she finds comfortable? A powder house for your cat http://mslk.com/reactions/a-powder-room-for-cats/ DIY Cat Litter Cabinet cat litter cabinet DIY DIY Cat Litter Box Furniture DIY Cat Litter Box Furniture IKEA Hack Cat Cabinets http://mocrafty.blogspot.com/2011/05/ikea-hack-cat-cabinets.html […]