DIY Macrame Hammock Tutorial

Sometimes, relaxing on the porch requires a comfortable and stylish hammock. With a few tools and some basic math skills, you’ll have a beautiful chair that shows off your do-it-yourself skills. This hammock is made using the macrame technique, which requires knotting together cords. Macrame is a centuries-old method used to make furniture, plant holders […]

Natural Home Remedies For Allergies

It is estimated that around 20%~40% of Americans suffer from allergies. If you or your loved ones are one of them, don’t miss these Natural Home Remedies For Allergies. These remedies are from people who have suffered and tried out. Without them trying on themselves and sharing their experience, how would I know that stinging […]


We’ve got a little bit of wintry fun for you today in the form of an image that has been baffling folks since it was first posted. Drawn by Hungarian artist Dudolf, it’s a simple ‘Where’s Waldo’ style picture where the objective is to spot the single panda bear in a sea of snowmen. When you read that, it probably […]

See how to glue a thrift store colander to a candlestick to make this gorgeous idea for your garden

No matter the season, the thrift store always has treasures just waiting to be found! I especially love shopping during gardening season though because the possibilities for planters and garden decor abound. All it takes is a little patience and a wide-open imagination. I’d been looking for a colander just like this for a while […]