45+ Organic Pest Control Remedies

Pest control is critical around your home and garden. When you buy and sell your house, pest control report is also one of the determining report for the deal. If you decide to run pest control in a DIY fashion, there are huge number of natural and organic pest control solutions to help. You don’t […]

How Old Is My Pet?

Our pets live shorter. Have you ever wondered how old your pet is in relation to human ages? Here are a couple of simple pet age calculators for you to make the conversion. Simply put, a 10 year old cat is equivalent to a 56 year old human, while a 10 year old dog is […]

How To Make PVC Dog Bed

PVC pipes are so versatile. You can make many projects with PVC pipes. We have introduced you How To Make DIY PVC Chicken Feeder, How To Make PVC Pipe Shoe Rack, and How To Build A Vertical Hydroponic Veggie Garden. Today we will share with you how to make PVC dog bed. Using PVC pipes […]