8 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Clean Up

The truth is, children are terrific at making messes, and not very good about cleaning them up. They live from one moment to the next; as soon as they tire of one activity, they’re off and running toward something else. While you may find the visual chaos your daughter leaves behind to be terribly unsettling, […]

DIY Handprint Keychain

We have so many occasions that we need to send our love to our family and friends, and sending gifts are one of the manner to present our care. When thinking about making your own personal gifts, these adorable handprint gifts can be fun and easily customized with your kids! The DIY handprint keychain is […]

How To Make Slime For Home Cleaning

Remember the cyber cleaning compound that we have shared with you a while back? It is really nice for cleaning small spaces in your house. It can suck up all the dusts and hairs from the gaps between keys of your keyboard. It can making cleaning vents of air con or your car. And much more! And […]

How To Stop A Runny Nose Fast

Runny noses are irritating. So how to stop a running nose? This diagram shows you three crucial steps to stop a runny nose. Runny nose could be caused by cold, allergy, etc. Not all people get a runny nose due to allergic rhinitis. In more rare cases, a running nose can be due to a […]

How To Make Thread Horse Head

Hey! This Thread Horse Head Tutorial is great to show off your crafty skills. With some simple supplies, you can make a cute horse head ornament. It is a perfect project to teach kids to make something fun. Head over to Krokotak for more detailed tutorial instructions. Krokotak – Horse head from thread