How to Build a Hobbit Home

Below you’ll see what looks like a home fit for a Hobbit, but it’s really known as an “earthbag” home and while I woudn’t recommend making this into a permanent dwelling these little homes certainly do have a lot of character. These simple shelters offer a cost effective solution for a sturdy home in many […]


Master carpenter and furniture maker Barry Shields, is used to making beautiful, yet standard, tables and chairs. But this time he tried something a little different, and it’s awesome! Shields crafted two stunning wood and glass coffee tables based on famous pop culture starships. One is modeled after an x-wing fighter from ‘Star Wars’, and the other after […]

10 Odd Ways To Get Rid of Flies

Flies are incredibly annoying and they seem to always being around, especially when you are trying to eat or just kick back and relax. You probably have fly strips up to try and catch as many as possible, but these only help so much. I found a great article over at that shows some creative […]

How To Regrow African Violets

African violets are very beautiful. They are also super easy to grow and maintain. In this post, we will share with you How To Regrow African Violets. You don’t even need to buy a new plant, if you can get some leaves from your friend. All you need to do is to cut the leaves […]