Lately, I am on this quest to create my own natural and cheap makeup products. Your probably thinking it’s because I did some research and found all the horrible stuff in makeup since thats usually is what gets me to venture into making my own products (or because I’m cheap). But the truth is… I have rarely purchased makeup in my life, and no I’m not one of those people with fabulous skin that doesn’t need makeup… Sure I have purchased Bare Minerals a few times, but I have been super fortunate to have a mom who sells make up and better yet buys me everything I need! Love her! Honest moment here.. I am 24 years old married women and my mommy still buys me makeup! Haha



Depending on how bright pink you want your blush will depend on how much beet root powder you use. I use about 2 parts beet root powder to 1 part cornstarch. If you want to add more depth or make it darker add a little cocoa powder!

Directions: Start with 1 tbs arrowroot powder or corn starch and add in 2 tbs beet root powder. Mix in a small bowl making sure to break apart any clumps. Adjust color to your liking! Done!

To use: dip your blush brush in the powder, tapping off any extra. Apply to your cheek bones!

See didn’t I tell you that was easy? Making makeup makes me excited! So fun and cheap. Remember that makeup is very different for every person. What works for me may not work for you! You may have to adjust the recipe to your liking! Hope ya’ll love it!

For more: http://www.ablossominglife.com/2013/06/homemade-natural-blush.html

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