Homemade Energy Bars: A Tasty and Healthy Way to Snack!

It happens all too often – we decide we’re going to live healthy and even stick to our healthy diet plan, but when comes to the snacks and ‘in-between indulgence’ we totally fail! Our busy schedules call for small energetic bites during the day and usually this means candy, chocolate and other sugar-filled snacks. If you’re ready to kick this habit to the curb and learn how to turn your snacking into a healthy habit, check out these tasty energy bars you can prep in the comfort of your kitchen and take along to work!

1. Peanut Butter and Banana

The combination of peanut butter and banana is known and beloved by many! It totally satisfies your sweet tooth so you don’t need to resort to chocolate, but it also gives you much energy that will last all the way to the next full meal! Get the recipe at Bowl of Delicious.

2. Cranberry and Almonds

Cranberries are super healthy and if you like snacks that aren’t too sweet, Call Me PMC has just the energy bar you’ll want to try! You can pair the cranberries together with almonds and some seeds to get an outstanding combination of flavors and energy!

3. Coconut Matcha

Some of your healthy-crazed friends may have already mentioned matcha to you and if you’re not really sure about how to make the best of it, The Grateful Grazer can help you out! Add the matcha powder into your homemade energy bars to get a unique flavor and top them off with coconut!

4. Oatmeal Superfood

Those who swear by oatmeal and regularly eat it for breakfast will be happy to know that oatmeal can now be the basis for your new favorite healthy snack! A Healthy Life created a recipe for incredible energy bars that are full of superfoods and oats, providing you with a healthy snacking option all day long!

5. Apricot and Chia

Chia seeds don’t just sound fancy, they truly are a superfood! Aside from being healthy, they also get an egg-like consistency when mixed with water, which makes them perfect for creating in the kitchen! Check out how Cupcakes & Kale Chips paired the seeds with sweet dried apricots to create delicious energy bars!

6. Quinoa and Seeds

Quinoa may be hard to pronounce, but it’s really simple to bake with! Follow the recipe we found at To Simply Inspire and make quinoa and seed energy bars that are full of protein! Don’t worry though, thanks to the honey, raisins and dates they still taste super sweet!

7. Beetroot and Blackcurrant

Trying out new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen is so much fun! A lot of us love to experiment with unexpected ingredients, creating meals that are unpredictable and totally unique. The energy bars by The Veg Space definitely fit this description! They are made of beetroot and blackcurrant, so if you love a challenge give them a try!

8. No-Bake Chocolate Chia

Not ready to give up the chocolate in your snacks? Turns out there’s a healthy way to go about chocolate too! You’ll need to use raw cacao powder and include some chia seeds as well, but the energy bars from Running on Real Food will have a strong chocolatey taste!

9. Quinoa and Chocolate

Pairing quinoa together with chocolate may be an unexpected choice but it’s one that you’ll never regret! Even more, once you make Greeny Sherry‘s exceptional energy bars and take them to work, everyone at the office will be begging you for a recipe!

10. Dried Figs

Ambitious Kitchen knows what a great ingredient dried figs can be! They last very long and you won’t have to worry about them going bad if you prep the energy bars for a few days ahead. They also have a natural sweetness which is a quality you’ll appreciate if you have a sweet tooth but are trying to stay away from processed sugar!

11. Blueberry Vanilla

These energy bars have a fancy look and an abundance of incredible flavors mixed together! The blueberries provide the freshness, vanilla gives a familiar and sweet flavor and yoghurt binds all the flavors together. Half Baked Harvest shares the recipe!

12. Raspberry and Apple

Want your daily snack to remind you of Christmas? Amy’s Healthy Baking‘s energy bars come pretty close! They are made with apples, cinnamon and honey, having an incredible taste and familiar aroma. The inclusion of raspberries gives them an extra healthy and sour kick!

13. Cashew and Coconut

Long days call for energizing snacks in between the meals. Nuts and seeds are great sources of energy and that’s precisely why so many energy bars contain them! The Honour System‘s energy bars are full of cashews and almond butter, balanced by the coconut and dates