DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Too small a closet. Too many shoes. Too much frustration. A simple yet all too common tale. It is for me anyways. Someday I will have a ginormous walk in closet but sadly that day is not today. Until then…creative I must be. One of the most creative closet storage solutions I have seen lately […]

9 DIY mirrors for your wall

Mirror, mirror… If you ever thought that mirrors can not look cool or different than the one that are random and square check out these 9 DIY mirrors that can change the look on the walls. 1. DIY Sunburst Mirror Surprisingly easy and super chic. Tutorial on Apartment Therapy. 2. DIY Twigs Mirror An […]

11 DIY ideas you can make with empty bottles

Have you finish your booze but you dont know what to do with the bottle. Here are some ideas that you can work with and make something cool out of them. Dont just throw them away reuse them. 1. Decorate a bottle with washi tape All hail washi tape, supreme ruler of craft supplies. […]

11 DIY room dividers

Do you wanna have some privacy between the rooms but not build walls either. No look zone is enough of the privacy and comfort you are looking? Than these 11 DIY room dividers will help you get that. 1. Build a divider wall. A bit complicated, but if you’ve got the handy skills, this […]