12 Easy DIY Ways To Get Ready For Winter

Winter is coming! This so famous quote, but yet so real. Winter is here and we need to get ready. Hang your bike if you’re not going to use it and it’ll function as extra storage. pinterest.com Keep a car mat nearby in case your tires can’t get traction. sportys.com Keep an empty tissue box […]

9 Christmas Wreath Ideas You Can Do This Year

Christmas is just around the corner and now you need to start preparing things . The Wreath is one of the things that many people need ideas for. Here are 9 Christmas Wreath Ideas You Can Do This Year Crochet Christmas Wreath http://www.aprendendocroche.com/receitas-de-croche/video-aula.asp?resid=1252&tree=10 Crocheted Snowball Wreath http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2013/11/crocheted-snowball-wreath.html Crochet Christmas Wreath http://www.favecrafts.com/Wreaths/Crochet-Christmas-Wreath#HkTmyP7GHmwSEorh.32 Crochet Christmas Wreath My […]

8 DIY bookends you need to have

  You have a lot of books and some of them need bookends to stay in place and not fall from the shelves. Here are 8 bookends you can DIY Use Bean Bags Use instructions  like these. Direction Signs To Your World Get all the directions here. Faux Zinc Punctuation Here’s how. Honey Bears Created […]