DIY Shower Curtain Wall Art

If you accidentally bought an extra shower curtain or saw one that’s on sale and couldn’t resist buying one, instead of returning it, try turning it into this beautiful shower curtain wall art! Are you looking for creative ideas to decorate your blank boring wall? A Large wall art can be expensive and it’s not […]

10 Ways to Divide Your Living Space

Whether you have a very large room that you need to divide or you have a smaller room that needs a privacy screen, there are some very inventive and creative methods to achieve this. These options give you the ability to build a “temporary wall” without having to actually construct anything. This is perfect as you can […]

“What a brilliant idea! I’ve made many shower curtains but never thought of THIS!” said a reader:

This little condo of ours was going on the market and I wanted a custom look cornice and shower curtain without spending the money for that. My fabric – LOVE! First I made the shower curtain. It was a straightforward sewing project. Since the fabric wasn’t wide enough I pieced it together in three pieces […]


Maintaining the house neat and clean is quite challenging, but undoubtedly the most challenging part is to keep the bathroom perfectly clean. In order to clean the bathroom and make it flawless, people are utilizing various chemical-laden commercial cleaners. Well, instead of potentially harmful products which are loaded with chemicals, nature offers us various ingredients […]