How To Handle A Tire Blowout

You suddenly hear noise from your car and feel the shake from your wheel while driving on freeway. Before you realize that you got a flat tire, your car has already been out of control and caused major accident. That’s what happened to many inexperienced drivers.

Safely handling a tire blowout at freeway speed is critical in such kind of emergency. You have a blink of time to react. And doing wrong could cause you and many others’ life. Take your time and watch AAA expert Bill Van Tassel describes the steps to take should a driver encounter such a tire blowout while driving.

Read further on Popular mechanics here. Equipped with these knowledge, having a good defensive driving habit, and luckily, you should be able to avoid major accident even if you are unlucky to get a tire blowout. Please don’t forget to share the knowledge with your family and friends.