Grow Hair Faster With This Simple Recipe

You might be wondering how to stop hair loss and how to grow your hair faster and thicker. I saw a recipe today that might be useful. A juice from the ordinary red onions can help reduce hair loss, slow down growth of gray hair, and speed up growth of healthy hair.

Fundamental speed of hair growth depends on our genes, but due to various external and internal reasons, our hair does not grow with the maximum speed set by the genes. Some remedies are helpful in such situations.

Red onion is such an exceptional remedy for promoting healthy hair growth, due to its rich content of sulfur. Red onion juice is good for improving blood circulation to the scalp and reducing possible inflammations of the skin.

This method is very easy to implement. Just get juice from two to four red onions. Massage your scalp with the juice for a while and then leave it there for about half an hour. Then wash your hair as you usually do. Apply this method a few times a month, and you should see results in a few months. Keep reading the recipe here and watch the video tutorial for more details.