Got 6 Bucks? Then You Can Have A Brick Rocket Stove!

Rocket stoves are the new rage for backyard cooking. Instead of buying an expensive grill and then having to buy bags of charcoal or tanks of propane in order to cook, you can make a rocket stove in minutes for mere dollars and use stray twigs in your yard to grill that steak. Plus, with cinder block or brick rocket stoves (the easiest and simplest to make), you can easily deconstruct the stove and store the blocks out of the way for winter. They don’t need to be covered or placed in a shed, and it won’t hurt them if they get wet. It’s the perfect solution for your backyard cooking needs.



There are many different designs for rocket stoves, and several different versions of concrete rocket stoves. But all rocket stoves, whether metal, brick, or cinder block, will have the same basic elements: A vertical chimney, a place to put the wood, sticks, or leaves for burning (also called a fuel magazine), a combustion chamber where the wood burns, and an opening for the heat and flames to escape (also called a heat exchanger) where you can place your cooking instruments to heat your food.

Check it out.


If you’re interested in making your own rocket stove, check out the video. You’ll need 16 concrete bricks to pull this stove off, but the cost shouldn’t be more than about $6. The video will show you exactly how to make the stove and explain how to efficiently cook on the stove once you make it.


This rocket stove is a little different than the strictly traditional design. It actually uses the single hole for its ventilation and to let the heat and flame escape, which seems pretty common for brick-type stoves. However, it is simple and inexpensive to make, and it does get the job done. If you are interested in building an inexpensive, and easy to assemble, stove, this is certainly one you should try out. Particularly if you have some concrete bricks lying around.