How To Do Gardening With PVC Tubes

These PVC pipe gardening planters work like a charm for small space or apartments. No more complaint about limited space. You can easily fresh green veggies for the whole family with minimal space.

PVC pipes are the secret for these gardening tricks. PVC pipes are durable and easy to work with. Here are some ideas to get you inspired. Please share with us if you have done something similar.

PVC Vertical Gardening Planter

Cut lines through a PVC pipe, heat the cut and bend it to make slit. Cap the bottom to make this vertical planter.

Gardening With PVC Tubes

PVC Pipe Gardening Planter

Make a rack of PVC pipes to plant a lot of fresh vegetables.

Gardening With PVC Tubes 1

Vertical Gardening Planter With PVC Joints

Just connect PVC joints to make a big vertical planter.

Gardening With PVC Tubes 2