DIY Concrete Towel Planter Pot (Video)

DIY Concrete Towel Planter Pot for your porch, patio and doorway. Whenever the season is, we love to decorate our homes and garden with green plants and flowers. We may go to Lowe’s or other nursery stores to get a ready-to-go planter, but if you don’t want to make everything the same as your neighbors, you can […]

DIY Outdoor Race Car Track for Kids Backyard Activities

Playing outside (kids outdoor activities) is fun for kids, and if you have a large backyard, you are blessed with these DIY outdoor car race track project. Kids, especially boys have cars, but it’s easy for them to get bored themselves without playing with others. These race car tracks you’ve set up in your backyard will make kids to play […]

How To Do Gardening With PVC Tubes

These PVC pipe gardening planters work like a charm for small space or apartments. No more complaint about limited space. You can easily fresh green veggies for the whole family with minimal space. PVC pipes are the secret for these gardening tricks. PVC pipes are durable and easy to work with. Here are some ideas […]