“This is so simple and absolutely brilliant!” said a reader when she saw this Dollar Store wastebasket idea

Buying larger planters for container gardens can get expensive. So, I decided to head to the dollar store and see if I could find a thrifty alternative. And I did! These wastebaskets come in several fun and bright colors. And the handles make it perfect to move around! The pictures below are of “Italian” planters […]

How To Make Tree Of Love

This tree project is absolutely full of love and positive energy. The tree is so beautiful and cute. I love the color and design very much. The idea is wonderful. Head over to Stranamasterov in the following link for more details if you are interested in this love tree project. Stranamasterov – DIY love tree […]

“I’ve heard of this but wasn’t sure if it actually worked!” said a reader when she saw this garden hack

If your plants have started to peek above the surface, it’s time to protect them from would-be grazers. Tell Bambi the salad bar is closed with a sprinkling of some strong smelling soap! We’ve been using using Irish Spring as a deterrent the for past few years with great success. I can’t guarantee it will […]

Two neighbors hang butcher twine from a cable. Their privacy idea? Get ready to gasp!

Earlier this year I asked for suggestion for creating a separating wall between neighbors. My neighbor ran a cable from my garage to the house. I started by adding butcher’s twine working strings. I was trying be consistent with spacing and the knots I used. I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be […]

How To Build A Cascading Planting Box

This stunning cascading planting box is just a picture of perfection. If you are thinking to add a burst of blooming beautiful color to your home or garden, you need to check out How To Build A Cascading Planting Box. By using recycled pallets, this project couldn’t be cheaper and easier to make. The results? […]