Foods That Could Help Unclog Your Arteries

8 Foods That Could Help Unclog Your Arteries

Our circulation system is pretty much like plumbing. Clogged arteries lead to all sorts of deadly coronary artery disease. Cardiovascular disease is actually a buildup of plaque, which leads to gradual clogging of the arteries. Statistically, it is the number one killer-disease in the world. An average of 2,000 Americans die of this disease each day!

Taking into consideration of high rates like these, cardiovascular health is one of the most critical you should maintain. Progressive clogging of the arteries is usually caused by diet, genetics, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is not impossible to treat this condition, and we have listed 8 delicious foods that will help you prevent and repair the damage. Source

1. Garlic
2. Pomegranate
3. Turmeric
4. Chia Seeds
5. Cinnamon
6. Apples
7. Tomatoes
8. Greens

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