8 Mistakes People Do With Slow Cooking

The slow cooker, or crock pot, is certainly one of the most popular kitchen items.  Who doesn’t like the idea of dumping in a bunch of ingredients, turning it on and leaving it to cook?  But many cooks don’t use the crock pot correctly and the results show it.  Are you making one of these […]

12 Super Cute And Simple Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and plenty of food needs to be cooked. To help you with that, here are 12 ideas what to prepare for Christmas. Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops Tutorial Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Tree Tutorial Christmas Pudding Truffles Tutorial Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies   Edible Fruit Christmas Tree Tutorial Festive Cabot Cheddar Tree Tutorial […]

How to make homemade goldfish crackers

If you want to make homemade goldfish crackers follow these steps. Step 1: Make shapes Before starting and preparing the ingredients you should go ahead and prepare some shapes that you want to make. Step 2: Get the ingredients Ingredients that you will need to prepare these homemade goldfish crackers 8 ounces, weight Sharp Cheddar Cheese, […]