Don’t toss your empty egg cartons. Here are 3 nifty ways they can improve every day life

YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker is back with another creative and helpful video. Rather than showing us how useful drinking straws can be, he shows us how useful egg cartons are. Most of us simply recycle the carton once we finish all the eggs, but there’s actually other purposes for the carton. These 3 egg carton tricks will […]

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding That Could Be Harmful To Your Baby

Foods that Cause Gas/Fussiness/Irritability Wikimedia Commons There are several foods to avoid when breastfeeding because they contribute to the fussiness that most babies experience at some point in their first few months. When you are exclusively breastfeeding, just about everything you eat goes directly into your milk supply, and thus directly into your baby. Most […]

9 DIY ideas to make your cakes look awesome

Having a celebration, wedding or birthday coming up, and all you can do are these boring cakes? Here are 9 DIY ideas to make your cake more interesting Add a custom silhouette. Add a giant paper number. Add a set of geometric shaped toppers. Adorn your cake with balloons. Craft pipe […]

Irresistible Apple Pie Cookies Recipe

Are you an apple pie lover? These irresistible apple pie cookies are for you. These delicious apple pies are in a form of cookies. Amy over at has shared an easy-to-follow recipe for making this amazing dessert I am dying for these delicious apple pie cookies just even look at the mouth-watering pictures and […]