20+ Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Are you wondering what to eat for breakfast? Wonder no further! This list of 20+ Healthy Breakfast Recipes will get you plenty of ideas. Keep reading all the nice recipes in the following link. Pondic – 20+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas Watch the video for more breakfast ideas.

10 Health Benefits Of Bananas

My mom asks me to eat a banana every day. After reading through this article about some top healthy benefits of bananas, I think you should do the same too. Bananas are not only delicious fruit, but also rich in many healthy nutrients that are good for our body. Keep reading all healthy benefits of […]


The cucumbers are amazing vegetables. They are packed with nutrients and health benefits. Cucumbers contain vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are rich in fibre, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamins C, E and B. Hence, cucumbers can detoxify the organism, stimulate the metabolism and clean the intestines and digestive tract. Moreover, they can eliminate the excess […]

12 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Need to Know

There’s nothing wrong in being polite. Correct attitude is of utmost importance, and it nourishes your social life. Make sure you leave the right impression, and people will love you. Good manners are always ‘in,’ and you should always work on your courtesy, vocabulary, physical appearance, and emotions. Let’s go through the following 12 etiquette […]