Flower Power: 12 DIY Earrings with a Floral Motive

A floral motive is evergreen; no matter the season, it’s always in style. There’s no denying that it’s most prominent in spring and summer, but even the colder months benefit from it much as it reminds us of the warmer days to come. A great way to subtly showcase flowers in your daily style is by wearing them as your earrings. Take a peek at these 12 DIY floral earrings and find your next favorite floral piece!

1. Fabric Floral Earrings

The easiest way to create flowers you can put on your earrings is by using your favorite fabric! Surely you still have some of it left from your last DIY project and you honestly won’t need much to complete these earrings. The Moptop Maven is waiting for you with all the details.

2. Spring Flower Earrings

If you want your jewelry to have a luxurious and shiny look, but not one that is too over-the-top, Keeping Things Simple features beautiful spring flower earrings that have a dazzling golden look but retain a simple and elegant design that will match your other golden accessories.

3. Beaded Flower Earrings

Beads are a great resource when your goal is to create a glamorous piece that you can proudly wear to even the fanciest occasions. From afar, beads look like shiny crystals which adds much value to your earrings. Learning Center shares the secret to making these gorgeous beaded flower earrings!

4. Crystal Glass Beaded Earrings

Speaking of beads and crystals, here’s another example of how you can make earrings that look like a million dollars with a royal reputation, by only using a select few materials, none of which will cost you a fortune. Carol’s Crafts House will tell you more!

5. Fresh Flower Earrings

When making DIY earrings, we normally use fake flowers or create them from various different materials. But Anira Trendz went a step forward and used real flowers for these beautiful earrings. The fresh flowers are an unexpected and unique element that makes these earrings totally exceptional!

6. Rose Earrings

If you’re looking for a subtle way to display flowers on your earlobes, we found the perfect idea at Artsy Paints! These tiny rose earrings won’t draw much attention to themselves but will nonetheless complement your style and give it a romantic, spring-like vibe!

7. Hanging Flower Earrings

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, opt for long and hanging earrings that will absolutely steal the show! Troom Troom made them in a navy blue color and a put a flower at the end, giving them a serious and sophisticated look with a hint of playfulness.

8. Flower Petal Earrings

If you don’t want to fear full flowers as earrings, you can opt for petals alone. We find it’s a really unique way to display your love of flowers but keep it minimal and creative.   The earrings look gentle and fragile, but they are far from that! Find out how Cocoritton Jewelrymade them!

9. Polymer Clay Flower Earrings

Polymer clay enthusiasts and those with a steady hand are the perfect candidates for  Irina Ivanitskaya‘s flower earrings! You will need some patience and time to complete the project, but the end result will make it all worth it. Be honest with yourself, could you guess these tiny florals were fake if we haven’t told you?

10. Wire Flower Earrings

Wire jewelry is very popular and with a good reason; it’s simple to make and produces a beautiful metallic result! BeaDazzle BeadShop shares the tutorial for big wire flower earrings that you can wear absolutely anywhere, as their neutral silver coloring and innovative design make them as versatile as can be!

11. Macrame Flower Earrings

Do you love the macrame technique? We challenge you to make these macrame flower earrings by Macrame School and showcase your skills for everyone to see! They have a colorful oriental look and you are bound to fall in love with them. Challenge accepted?

12. Paper Flower Earrings

Paper is one of our favorite materials to craft with, so we searched all of internet to bring you the best paper flower earrings and we found them at Guidecentral English! These earrings don’t appear to be made of paper, which is their greatest attribute. When your friends ask you where you bought them, don’t be afraid to brag a little!