Fed Up Mom Transforms Daughter’s ‘Disaster’ Room In Less Than 24 Hours

Sometimes, keeping your room clean falls right to the bottom of your to-do list.

Whether it’s because of a long list of priorities with family or work, or just because it’s gotten so disastrous that you have no clue where to start, eventually you might have to bring in a professional, if you want to get anywhere with it at all.

That’s exactly what Rachael Ray decided to do for a mother and daughter in need of some decluttering in their home!

Christina had just graduated college, and when she came back home, her worlds collided — on the floor of her bedroom.

The floor is not visible and neither is the bed, which is why Christina now sleeps on the floor of her brother’s room. Clearly, this clutter has gotten to be way too much for her mom to handle.

So, Peter Walsh comes in to help, and within a day he touches on the hoarding, the mess, and the emotions that are filled inside!

By the end of the video, this bedroom is absolutely unrecognizable and stunning!

Could Peter come and make all of our rooms this clean and inviting? Let us know what you think about the transformation in the comments below!

Watch the video here: https://littlethings.com/mom-transforms-daughters-bedroom/?utm_source=invent&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=transformation