How To Apply Makeup Like A Pro

Makeup is a skill every modern age woman needs to master these day. By simply using a little contouring and light shade, you can look completely different. These 10+ makeup before and after photos show exactly the power of makeup. You don’t have to do heavy makeup all the time. However, you can always use […]

13 Braided Hairstyles to Rock This Summer

There are countless different ways to braid your hair and usually the style of the braid you choose depends on the occasion. Braids have that great trait – they can look elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a wedding, or they can be playful and funky, ideal for a summer festival! Whatever your raison d’etre may be, we […]

How To Renew Old Clothes

Got some old clothes that you don’t want to throw away? Why not refashion it to give it a new life. Today I will share with you 20+ creative ways to renew your old clothes. You don’t have to be able to do sewing to work on most of these projects. You can use tie […]