Beautiful Spike Stitch Crochet Free Patterns and Projects (Part 1)

We’ve shared a few stitches which became very popular lately. Now if you want to use yet another different crochet stitches to spice up your work, here are some Beautiful Spike Stitch Crochet Free Patterns to create an awesome looking texture. Spike stitches are worked into previous rows by inserting the hook through the fabric rather than into […]

DIY Easy Pom Pom Trim Beach Coverup

It’s getting warmer and warmer, and the sun along California beach is really inviting. While being obsessed the sun, beach, scenery and family and friends fun, are you looking for some crafty sewing project you can make for your Beach outfit? Here is a really simple way to make a sexy beach coverup which will […]

14 Summer Nail Art Tutorials

Summer is here. Here are some nail art tutorials that work great for the season. Come and get the inspiration to come up with your beautiful summer nail arts. Continue viewing all 14 nail art tutorials here and watch the video next page for more tutorials.


This article will present you with the greatest beauty myths as total fabrications. However, some of the beauty related “urban legends” are actually true. You may file these fables under “fact” from now on! Rubbing Your Eyes Causes Wrinkles  It doesn’t cause wrinkles directly, but the pulling motion causes delicate, thin skin around your eyes. […]