16 DIY crafts all geeks will like

1. Painted TARDIS Keds i8.photobucket.com / Via brytning.livejournal.com Now you can own your very own TARDIS…shoes. Directions here. 2. 8-Bit Mario Granny Square Blanket instructables.com / Via instructables.com Granny squares take only a few minutes to make, then you sew them all together. As long as you have an 8-bit pattern, you can adapt this […]

10 Pairs of cufflinks that are lifehack too

1. If you ever get lost in your suit, these will save the day notonthehighstreet.com These compass cufflinks can help you orienteer your way home when you get lost in the wilderness while wearing formal attire. 2. If you are no smoker but need to light the girls you just met cigarette, these will impress her. coolmaterial.com […]

10 DIY Pearl Accessories

Pearl are a woman’s best friend…along with diamonds. Women of elegance and style enjoy a nice pair of peals or set of pearls. If you are in need of some pearl accessories, we have 10 ideas you can view here that are perfect. This collection of pearl ideas can go with any style, look and […]

14 DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

14 DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas That Are So Much Prettier Than Those Stacks Of Plastic Boxes Many women have so much makeup that they have no idea where to start with organizing it. However, when you are using the right makeup organizer, it is easy to sort through your makeup and display it in a […]

10 Easy DIY Hair Masks for Every Hair Type

Natural hair masks use easily available ingredients to fix common hair problems. Hair masks prepared from organic ingredients, which can easily be found in the refrigerator or your kitchen cupboard, gives hair the much needed pampering. Hair masks prepared using natural / organic ingredients contain potent nutrients which can nurture your scalp and hair. Nourishing […]