7 Manicures inspired from Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby the movie has been released 3 years ago but since than it has never stopped inspiring people to create fashion designs based on that. Here are 7 manicures inspired from Great Gatsby. 1. pinterest.com 2. wordpress.com 3. onegentsten.com 4. sonailicious.com 5. polishallthenails.com 6. dressedupnails.com 7. Watch the tutorial here.

10 Galaxy inspired DIYs

If you love stars and sky, these DIY ideas are the perfect fit for you. These will give you the perfect look with galaxies and stars printed on you. 1. Scarf Stamped With Stars planb.annaevers.com 2. Tank With Fractured Galaxy vertcerise.com 3. Space Clutch seekatesew.com 4. Galaxy Tank autostraddle.com 5. Star-Studded Cuff prettyquirkypants.com 6. Starry […]

7 Fashion Things You Can Mix with Neon Lights

7 Fashion Things You Can Mix with Neon Lights

Bringing back the neon colors from 90s in a better fashion than ever, combining colors and neon. 1. Neon Bi-Color Dress Via stylescrapbook.com 2. Neon Phone Cord Bracelet Via matterofstyle.blogspot.com 3. Neon Strappy Heels Via lovemaegan.com 4. Neon Rings Via henryhappened.com 5. Neon Ombre Purse Via abiruth.com 6. Neon Summer Sun Dress wobisobi.blogspot.com / Via […]

7 inspired DIYs from 90s

90s may have not been the best years of the humanity but for sure have been the best for fashion. There are still some styles that people are doing and using nowadays. Here are 7 inspired DIYs from 90s. 1. Mesh Crop Top thisfashionismine.com 2. Jersey Maxi Skirt mollytov.com 3. Daisy-Rimmed Round Sunglasses etsy.com 4. […]

How To Do An Awesome Dutch Flower Braid (VIDEO)

How To Do An Awesome Dutch Flower Braid (VIDEO)

Dutch braids generally look amazing when done correctly. The only difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid is the direction the hair is braided. With French braids, the strands of hair are braided over top of one another. Each time you cross a section of hair with another section to braid, that section […]

13 Cool ideas for your graduation cap

There are so many people graduating and all of them have to wear the same boring black cap for graduation. Here are 13 ideas to change that and be cool on graduation. 1. Is it worth the Hassle!? http://pinterest.com/pin/179862578840520065/ 2. Thank the ones that are important http://pinterest.com/pin/175640454189786544/ 3. Anyone you wanna kiss? http://pinterest.com/pin/208221182744273836/ 4. Support […]

7 diy for music festival goers

7 DIY for Music Festival-Goers

Is summer the favorite season for you because all you do during this time is attend music festivals and concerts? Also you are bored of wearing the same things over and over again. Well here are 7 DIY clothes tips to help you with that struggle. 1. Do your own upside-down cross galaxy tee Show […]