8 Easy Holiday Manicures To DO

Make your nails shine and brighter for these late year holidays. Gift Box Aww, check it out here. Christmas Tree More detailed instructions here. Frosty The Snowman Click here for the tutorial. Glittery Tutorial here. Hanukkah Snowflakes Click here for product recommendations. Snowflake French See the tutorial here. String of Lights tutorial here. The Nativity […]

10 Men’s Grooming Products That Really Work

If you are a dude, buy these. If you are a lady, steal them from said dude. Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Get it from Sephora here. Cade Shaving Oil Get it here. Crystal Deodorant It’s literally a rock that you lightly dampen to apply, and it actually does get rid of B.O. Eucerin […]

10 Easy Hacks To Do Perfect Nail Art

Is it the nail day for you today? And if it is, we are sure you are having problems with it but we got you covered!  Create an easy heart with a heart-shaped hole punch and painters’ tape. sellzcutethings.blogspot.com Get a turquoise and gold stone look using a plastic bag. thebeautydepartment.com If you love the […]

7 Manicures inspired from Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby the movie has been released 3 years ago but since than it has never stopped inspiring people to create fashion designs based on that. Here are 7 manicures inspired from Great Gatsby. 1. pinterest.com 2. wordpress.com 3. onegentsten.com 4. sonailicious.com 5. polishallthenails.com 6. dressedupnails.com 7. Watch the tutorial here.

12 DIY hacks for your nails

1. Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes. simplystated.realsimple.com Let them air dry for a couple minutes then dunk away. 2. Fix a broken nail using a teabag and nail glue. media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com 3. Take off your nail polish in less than 5 minutes using only 1 cotton ball. gingerbreadmanne.blogspot.com Get the whole […]