Gray Is The Best Color For Any Manicure

The multifaceted color looks good in a glossy… …and matte finish. It’s sporty… …and geometric. It’s also the key to nail art’s heart. Especially in regard to the gradient… Floral… Marbled… Flocking… Minimal… Neon accented… Glittery…

How To DIY A File Cabinet Desk

Onto the tutorial….here are the items that you will need to complete this project: 2 furniture legs file cabinet wrapping paper mod podge wood for desktop spray paint gorilla glue First I used mod podge to adhere the cut to size decorative wrapping paper to the front of the drawers. I removed the handles and […]

DIY How To Install Knee-Wall Storage

    Do you need extra space and storage in your room? Dressers can get really bulky and take up too much space to fit in your room. Thanks to the creativity of the DIY enthusiasts, you can convert hidden, unused spaces into valuable storage areas. Knee walls are the short interior walls built beneath the roof rafters. […]