12 Hairstyle Ideas For Your Little Girl

Do you need help with your little girls hairdo. Here are 12 Hairstyle Ideas For Your Little Girl you can do Double Halo Braid girlydohairstyles.com Fourth of July Star Hairdo 101thingstodoinyourcity.blogspot.com Rapunzel Twist Ponytail scattersunshine-janapl.blogspot.com Rag Roller Curls passionatehomemaking.com Pin-Curl Bangs 8tracks.com Knotted Bun with Micro-Braids babesinhairland.com Heart Crown Braid bowmania.net The Celtic Knot instagram.com The […]

How To Turn Earrings Into Ear Cuffs

I thought you might like this interesting idea. If you got a pair of earrings that you don’t wear often, why don’t turn them into a ear cuffs. Ear cuffs are beautiful and popular these days. To do this project, you need earrings earring clips glue pliers step by step tutorial from matterofstyle Continue watch […]

7 Best Tips For Longer Hair

Ditch Your Cotton Pillowcase Ditching cotton pillowcases and opting for satin fabrics will keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Since satin and silk fabrics have a softer surface, they cause less friction as compared to cotton fabrics, and thus, you wake up with fewer or no tangles at all. Dry Your Hair Gently Drying your […]

16 Homemade shampoos

Ditching shampoo. SO weird, right? I was completely averse to this idea at first – just very happy with my commercial shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, volumizer, hairspray, gel…. Whew. I eventually did give it up though, and truly, I haven’t looked back. Except for one time when someone gave me an olive oil shampoo, and I […]