15 Ways How To Wear A Scarf

Scarves are for winter, right? Not any more! You can easily turn your scarves into stylish fashion tops. Let us look at 15 ways of how to wear a scarf. With these creative ways to wear a scarf, scarves become year-around necessities. Scroll down for video for more ways to wear a scarf.

How To Make A T-shirt Scarf

ld T-shirt? You will be amazed at what you can achieve with this project. Even better, it is a no-sew project. The skills you need is next to nothing. Keep reading step by step instructions from the following link. Amelia – Ruffled T-shirt Scarf Tutorial You can also make infinity scarf. Watch the video tutorial […]

Add white vinegar to your laundry for these unexpected benefits. I never knew this!

Distilled white vinegar is a common kitchen ingredient that can be found in every home. While most of us use it to cook, it actually has a variety of uses. One of the greatest uses of white vinegar is as a cleaner. It’s an eco-friendly and inexpensive laundry detergent that is arguably more effective. Keep […]