How To Renew Old Clothes

Got some old clothes that you don’t want to throw away? Why not refashion it to give it a new life. Today I will share with you 20+ creative ways to renew your old clothes. You don’t have to be able to do sewing to work on most of these projects. You can use tie […]

How To Make Chunky Leather Bracelet

In this bracelet tutorial, Anette from Lebenslustinger is going to show you how to make an easy leather bracelet. This bracelet design is simple, but very cute on your arm wrist. It will make your arm look white and charm. Elastic cord Rose-quartz beads or other beads of your favorite Faceted space beads in copper […]

A Touch of Glam: Fun Dangly DIY Earrings

We love wearing earrings. In fact, we love wearing them so much that we have multiple holes pierced in each ear lobe just to make sure we have lots of different space to display more earrings at once! Since they’re our favourite accessory and you’ve probably guessed how much we love crafting by now, earrings are also […]


Most people do not know that you can dye your hair effectively at home without any chemicals. Just a couple of tea bags and some herbs will dye your hair naturally. This method is cheap and effective. THINGS YOU’LL NEED Tea bags Pan Sage Rosemary Bowl EASY DYE Boil one cup of water in a […]