Expert organizer shares 23 nifty tricks to help organize your closet

With New Year’s approaching, many of us are probably already thinking about some potential resolutions. The common favorite is usually to exercise and get active. Others include eating more home-cooked meals rather than eating out. I remember one year my husband said his New Year resolution was to spend less time watching football and more time working out. Sadly, that did not work out as planned.

But for those of you who are like me, my New Year’s resolution is to get more organized.


Unlike my husband, I hope to fulfill and carry out this resolution. To do this, I have compiled a list of clever, creative DIY hacks that will help you stay better organized.

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Hang bags on shower hooks.


Label storage boxes.


Use empty shoe boxes to section intimates.


Cut up pool noodles and use them to keep your boots upright. This prevents them from aging.


Put shirts in drawers vertically. Not horizontally.


Use this system to help you get rid of unused, old clothes.


Store your nail polish in a more effective manner.


Hang kid’s bath toys in a fruit basket.


Loop scarves around a hanger to keep them in place and prevent them from falling.


Roll clothes and scarves for packing / storing.


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