Expert DIYer uses syringes in ways I never thought of. Here are 8 surprising ways to use them

Medical applications aren’t the only uses for syringes. YouTubers have come up with plenty of clever ideas to repurpose syringes, from cool gadgets to ways that make your life easier.

We’ve poured through them all to create this list of our favorite syringe life hacks.

Easy Peel Fruit

Inject an orange or tangerine with a syringe filled with water until you see water start to drip from your fruit. When you go to peel it, it should slide right off in one piece.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Remove An Apple Core

Remove the plunger and cut the top of a syringe off with a razor. Push this piece through the middle of an apple to remove its core. Place the plunger back in it to remove the core from the inside of the plunger.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Refill Travel-Size Toothpaste

Use a syringe to suck out toothpaste from a large tube or just pull the plunger out and squeeze some toothpaste in. Then use the syringe to refill your travel-size toothpaste tube.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Toothpaste Dispenser

Suck out your toothpaste from a tube, then glue or affix your syringe to the wall of your shower or near your sink. This creates a convenient toothpaste dispenser that’s easier than pouring it out of a tube.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Cell Phone Holder

Cut the top of a syringe off and glue that to the underside of a wooden box top. Cut a half inch square on adjacent sides of a soda cap that will hold your phone horizontally. Glue the cap to the bottom of the plunger. Now you have a rotating cell phone holder that has an adjustable height.

Source: YouTube Screenshot


Cut the top of a syringe off. Cut the bottom of a balloon off and place it on the top of the syringe and tape over it. Take out the plunger and place a sharp stick inside. Use the balloon to launch the stick out the other end.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Waterproof Box

Use a hot glue gun to seal the tip of your syringe. Pull out the plunger and cut off the end of it. Put your items inside the syringe, like short matches, then put the plug in.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Vaccum Seal

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Place your syringe needle inside of a plastic bag and suck out all the air. Then put a piece of tape over the hole you made in the bag.