Expert DIYer cuts pool noodle to solve common every day problems. Here are 10 clever ideas

Pool noodles aren’t just for your kids and the pool. They can actually be used for a variety of DIY projects around the house. Here are few fun and clever ways to use pool noodles in an effective manner.

Refresh And Relax On A Summer Day

Here’s a refreshing idea for you. Create a floating ice chest using pool noodles. Now you can enjoy a chilled beverage while by the pool. Visit for more information.


Control The Flow Of Water

A pool noodle can be used as an extra long funnel. This makes housework so much easier, not to mention it won’t get nearly as messy.


Inexpensive Door Draft Guard

When it’s cold outside, you might feel cold air getting into your house or room through the doors. This happens when the weather stripping don’t fit quite right. Don’t panic though. You can solve this problem easily by creating a neat “draft guard” for your guard using a pool noodle. Watch this video for more information.

Source: YouTube/Meg Angela

Protect Car Doors In A Narrow Garage

To protect your doors from scratches and the wall, build this padded garage bumper. Learn more details here.


Added Support For Plants

A pool noodle can provide great support for plants in your garden so they grow upright and strong.

Use a utility knife to split the noodle lengthwise. Then, fit it around the base of your plant.


Retain Boot Shape

Want to retain the shape of your boots? Cut a pool noodle to the height of each boot, and use it to add “support.”


No Creases!

Cut a slit into a pool noodle and attach it to a hanger. Now, you can hang dry or hang your pants without having any creases.


Napkin Rings

Cut noodles into rings to create a napkin holder that will prevent napkins from flying away in the wind.


No More Stubbed Toes

Say bye, bye to stubbed toes by attaching pool noodles to the leg of your bed frame. This will make it hurt a lot less whenever you hit one of your metal bed frame legs.


Save Pool Noodle Remnants

For all the various DIY projects you use your pool noodles for, be sure to keep the remnants. These can actually be used as pot fillers! They provide drainage and they save you money since you’ll need less soil at the bottom of the pot.


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