Don’t toss your old jeans. Here are 23 fun and creative crafts you do with them

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Jeans are a staple in every person’s wardrobe. They are both comfortable and fashionable. More importantly, jeans can be worn in all kinds of weather; they are in-style year round!

But because we love jeans so much, we often wear them out quickly and purchase new ones relatively frequently. This means most of us have a pair of old, unused jeans stored in our closets somewhere.


Rather than toss them, consider trying some of these ideas out. There are actually quite a few fun, creative crafts you can make with an old pair of jeans. I am trying some of these out this weekend, and I highly recommend you take a look and do the same!

Jean Journal

Like to take notes or keep a diary? Then try creating a cute journal using your jeans. The pockets are perfect storage for pens while the cloth can be used as an original cover.

Learn how by clicking here.


Bottle Holders

Use the pant legs of your old jeans to create adorable bottle holders. These are perfect gift bags for wine bottles!

Find the full tutorial here.


Recycled Denim Basket

This might take a little more time, but the result is gorgeous and very useful. I plan on using this as a fruit basket on my kitchen counter.

The tutorial can be found here.


Cozy Denim Slippers

Who likes to walk on the cold, hard tile floors? Exactly, no one. Make these comfortable and warm denim slippers by clicking here.


Sturdy Pouf

This is perfect for the kid’s bedroom or playroom. The denim holds up against wear, so expect this to last quite a while.

The tutorial can be found here.


Denim Turtle

Your kids will love this!


Recycled Denim Pouch Bag

This can hold an iPad, makeup, or other accessories. Learn how to make this here.


Textile Art

If you have some extra time on your hands, then consider creating this gorgeous piece of art. More information can be found here.


Denim Tote Bag

Why buy a tote bag when you can make one at home? Follow this tutorial to make yours today!


Snack Pack

Want a nice picnic bag? Make this denim snack pack and impress your friends. It’s simple and directions can be found here.


Tooth Fairy Pocket

If your kids lose their teeth, tell them to put it in this little pouch.


Monster Pouch

This is perfect for small toys or chapstick. It’s cute and kids love it!


Dinner Table Placemat

Want a unique placemat for your dinner table? I doubt your friends have a denim placemat. This is unique and gorgeous.

Learn how to make your own here.

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