Don’t toss your empty egg cartons. Here are 3 nifty ways they can improve every day life

YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker is back with another creative and helpful video. Rather than showing us how useful drinking straws can be, he shows us how useful egg cartons are. Most of us simply recycle the carton once we finish all the eggs, but there’s actually other purposes for the carton. These 3 egg carton tricks will make life much easier!

The first trick involves filling an egg carton with dryer lint in each compartment. Then, he takes some hot wax and pours it on top. Afterwards, he cuts up the carton so that each compartment is separate and isolated from the rest. The combination of paper, wax, and lint is highly combustible and makes for a great campfire start.

The next trick is useful if you have little space left in your refrigerator. If your carton is half full, then cut off the empty party, and you will have a more space-efficient carton!

The final trick helps for those hot, summer days. If you have a plastic egg carton, you can use it as a ice cube tray. Wash the carton thoroughly, and then fill it with water. How easy is that?

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[Source: CrazyRussianHacker]