Don’t toss your empty containers. Here are 14 nifty ways to reuse them around the house

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For most of us, when we finish drinking soda, we recycle the bottle. When we use up all the shampoo, we recycle it. It’s something that we have always been taught to do: recycle empty containers when we are finished using them.

But rather than getting rid of these durable, empty containers, think about how you can reuse and upcycle them. It turns out, these empty containers are very useful if you can think outside the box and get creative.

To help you get started, we have compiled a list of practical upcycle ideas that you can do at home!


Use empty glass jars as a salt & pepper shaker

Small glass jars can make a perfect salt and pepper shaker. Simply fill the jar with salt or pepper, and then add a lid. Make sure you drill a few holes into the lid, and you are set.


Office caddy

If you have an empty rectangular container lying around, then you can use it as a caddy for office supplies. Spray paint it a color like gold if you want to make it blend in better with your office décor.


Hidden treats box

If you finish all the parchment paper or aluminum foil in a box, then try this awesome idea out. Disguise the box as a gift by covering it with wrapping paper. Then, inside, place your favorite sweet treats. It will be an awesome gift/surprise!


Use empty pill bottle as a vase

If you are in need of a vase, then try to stack pill bottles on top of each other. Drill a hole through the bottom of each bottle before stacking them.


Create an ice bucket using a can of paint

Rather than tossing an empty can of paint, clean it up and decorate the exterior to create a classy-looking ice bucket. Perfect compliment to a nice bottle of champagne or chardonnay.


CD holder stores jewelry perfectly

Find an old CD spindle, and use it as a base for jewelry storage. Take an old, unused CD and drill holes around the edge. Then place the CD on the spindle, and glue the CD to make it hold.


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