Don’t toss your broken clay pots. Instead, transform them into a delightful fairy garden

If you ever break a clay pot on accident, don’t panic or worry. It turns out, there’s a way to transform broken clay pots into something stunning and perfect for your home.

In fact, this new idea makes me want to break my clay pots on purpose!


Broken clay pots can be repurposed into beautiful and jaw-dropping “fairy gardens” that look great in any home or yard. It’s the perfect project to do in the spring or summer!


You can layer the broken pieces of clay to make it look like stairs leading to the top of the pot.


Place the broken pieces inside the larger ones to had depth and layers to your fairy garden. Here, you see them used for a winding staircase with multiple levels. When all the pieces are in place, you can add the greenery and foliage.


If you want to get really complex, you can create tiered, multi-pot fairy gardens. The fairies living below can relax comfortably in a pumpkin home and enjoy a waterfall whenever they please.


Add garden lights to your fair home for a nice touch.


Sometimes, the smallest add-ons can provide the greatest results. Here, a small fairy table and chair is enough to add charm to this fairy garden.


Add colorful accent pieces to your fairy gardens. It will provide a great contrast to the luscious greens you see.


Not all fairy gardens have to be huge. You can create smaller ones. They’re just as stunning!


But don’t be afraid to go big. It offers up a lot more room to get creative!


Old fish tank decorations can be reused in the fairy gardens. Here, you see a castle piece that is nestled perfectly between the shrubs in the pot.


This cabin-style home looks super cozy. I’d live here if I could!


Fairy gardens should reflect a sense of calmness and peacefulness. Making them is a great way to take your mind off of the stresses of everyday life.


If you don’t want to get super flashy, simply add succulents and flowers.


No matter how damaged your pot is, you can still get creative and transform it into something spectacular.


Succulents are the key to jaw-dropping fairy gardens. Shrubbery, grass, ferns, and even cacti are perfect!


Champagne and cider corks can fit in seamlessly in a fairy garden. It makes for a great table.


Learn how one woman makes fairy gardens by watching the video below:

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