Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Car! Here Are 17 Tricks to Make It Cleaner Than Ever!

When you think of spring cleaning, you probably imagine airing out your windows and cleaning your home until it shines. But there are plenty of other things that fall under the wide (and very pristine) umbrella of spring cleaning. For instance, your car! I will speak for myself – although I’m sure many of you will feel my pain – when I say that my car is an absolute disaster area . There is a Kermit the Frog Chia pet in my back seat, which I think says it all. If you need to clean your car as desperately as I do, take advantage of spring to do the cleaning! Check out these 17 helpful hints to get started on your spring car cleaning.



Cupcake Liners

Cupcake Liners EditedLifehacker

This an amazing hack to keep car clutter minimized in your cup holders. Get some cupcake liners (sturdy materials and fun patterns are encouraged!) and put them in your cup holders. When clutter builds, take the liners out and replace! It’s that easy.


Get Streak-Free Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers EditedBrighton Ford MI

Is there anything more distracting than your windshield wipers smearing your vision? To avoid this obnoxious and potentially dangerous nuisance, douse your windshield wipers in rubbing alcohol and get some DIY smear-free wipers perfect for Spring showers.


Clean Your Car Vents

Foam Brush Vents EditedFluster Buster

Your car vents can get disgusting if left unattended, and the worst part of all is that they’re so difficult to clean. Being so narrow and gated, you need a really specific tool to get in there and get out the winter cobwebs. It might shock you, but foam art brushes are just the thing! Small and malleable, these brushes get right in where it counts to get the fresh spring air right to you.


Shine Your Hubcaps

Clean HubcapsRing Around the Rosies

If the hubcaps on your wheels are getting dingy, shine them with this easy concoction! No need for intense elbow grease with this combination of cleaning powder and water that makes a super-cleaning paste. You can use wheel cleaner as well, but that tends to be harsh on the wheel’s finish.


Clean Your Grill


Your car grill is the first line of defense against bugs flying at your car…gross, I know. And it gets especially gross when spring comes around and the bugs are out in droves. If you want to thoroughly clean your car grill of insect carnage use dryer sheets. These sheets wipe your car grill clean nicely and leave a lovely, clean laundry scent.