DIY Ring Cones for a Chic Ring Display

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Accessory displays are no joke; every true trend-setter knows the importance of having your precious jewelry on display so that you can always find the suitable piece in the speed of light, just in case you get invited to a trendy event last-minute! Keeping your rings stashed away in a jewelry box may be practical, but it’s not very inspiring. Why don’t you make your collection of rings a display that will not only serve as an exhibit, but will also contribute to your home decor? We present you DIY ring cones! 

Concrete Ring Cones 

Solid, modern and chic, these concrete ring cones by DIY in PDX are a true work of art! You might end up wanting to buy more rings just to have an excuse for making more of these contemporary cones! We suppose one can never have enough rings, right?

Faux Ceramic Ring Cones 

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How cute are these tiny ceramic-looking ring cones? They have a softer look than the concrete ones and are ideal to place in the bathroom, so you’ll never lose another ring down the drain again! When functionality and beauty team up, you know you are in for a treat. Almost Makes Perfect has the how-to.

Gold-Dipped Ring Cones 

Honestly, sign us up for anything gold-dipped! Even without the rings on them, these cones look absolutely stunning! Who wouldn’t want a ring display by night and a fabulous decor piece by day? These cones are well worth its time; The Wholesome Handbook shares the tutorial!

Paint Splattered Ring Cones 

Can you believe this cone is decorated with paint splatter? Sometimes the gods of arts and crafts are just too good to us! According to Stitches & Press we get to splatter paint, have fun while acting childlike and have a fabulous ring cone made at the end of the day, when we decide to be adults again!  It feels like early Christmas!

Simple Wooden Ring Cones 

If luxury pieces aren’t your style, let us cheer you up with something simple and minimalistic. The wooden ring cones by Cupcakes and Cashmere are the item of your dreams if you love subtle decor pieces and have been wondering how to showcase your ring collection in a delicate way!

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