DIY Nail Products for All Kinds of Manicures

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8. DIY glow polish

Okay, we admit that we know you can already buy glow in the dark nail polish at some stores, particularly around Halloween, but is the idea of being to make your own at home not way more exciting than buying something that’s already made? If you ask us, learning to make something glow that didn’t before feels like you’re doing a cool science experiment! Find out whether there’s chemistry or magic behind this DIY project on Sofia Styled.

9. DIY nail art stickers

Whether you’re looking at an actual store or browsing what you can buy online, there are plenty or premade nail stickers out there that will help you take your nail designs to the next level. When there are also tutorials out there that will help you make your own for free with things you already have in your kitchen, however, why would you spend the extra money? Check out how Janelle Estep makes nail stickers from pieces of plastic snack bags!

10. DIY water marble nail sticker

If you’re anything like us then you already know how water marbling manicures are usually done and you’ve already tried them a thousand times. You might have also succeeded but, like us once more, you probably also made a huge mess dipping your finger into the polished surface of the water. Instead of doing that, why not try a new technique that’s a lot neater? Dearnatural62 shows you how to make a water marbled nail sticker instead of dipping and hoping for the best!

11. Baking soda nail scrub and stain remover

If you often find yourself doing jobs, housework, or DIY projects that stain and discolour your fingernails, or even if you just accidentally dyed your nails red when you were trying to dye your hair, then you know how hard it can be to get that colour out. Nail stains can last for weeks at a time and that’s never a great base for building a pretty manicure on. Instead of waiting it out, try this DIY nail stain remover from Christene Carr. It helped us out when our nails were black for weeks after using furniture stain on an old wooden table!

12. DIY cuticle cream

Even though our cuticles are an important part of our nails and overall hand health, we find that we often forget about them. In fact, sometimes in the winter we actually neglect them to the point that they dry out and start to peel, which is never great when you’re trying to paint your nails. Help your cuticles stay healthy and pleasant looking by making your very own natural cuticle cream, just like Loepsie did here!

13. Healing cuticle oil

Are your cuticles so damaged that you fear it might actually be too late for cuticle cream, or you’re not sure it’ll help until they’ve healed up just a little bit? Then first, mix yourself up a batch of this soothing DIY cuticle healer by Say Not, Sweet Anne. It contains different essential oils that are proven to have antibacterial properties, discouraging your poor, worn out cuticles from getting irritated or infected.

14. All natural nail strengthening serum

We already talked about one kind of DIY nail growth solution, but if you’re going to go out of your way to try and get your nails to grow longer, you should probably make sure that they’re strong enough to last without breaking too! If your nails aren’t strong, they won’t grow anyways, no matter how often you soak them in a healthy growth serum. Check out this lemon and garlic recipe from Tip Top Home Rememdies. That might sound like a strange combination to spread on your nails, but it worked for us!

15. DIY nail growth oil

Just in case you’d rather not bathe your fingertips in straight orange juice like the previous recipe suggested, here’s an alternative recipe using lemon and some essential oils! Young Living suggests applying this serum to your nails with a brush like you would with polish, rather than soaking your fingers in it directly.

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