DIY Nail Products for All Kinds of Manicures

Buying new nail supplies for giving yourself fun manicures is always a fun process. It can, however, add up quickly and get rather expensive if you don’t pay attention to your price tags carefully. Given how quickly nail trends change and evolve, it’s easy to get carried away with wanting new colours and types of polish when the things you have are totally still useful! That’s why we’ve taken to making our own manicure supplies at home for less whenever we can.

Check out these 15 awesome tips and tricks for making your very own DIY nail supplies so you can have the trendiest manicures all year long!

1. DIY colour changing thermal polish

Have you ever seen those amazing colour changing nail polishes that people only ever seem to get at very expensive salons? They tend to change fro one shade to another and back when your hands change temperature outside or under water. Well, lucky for all of us, MsNailDecor has figured out a homemade hack for creating your very own DIY colour changing polish and was nice enough to share it!

2. DIY nail polish

Do you have a whole collection of nail polish colours and yet, somehow, you still can’t find quite the shade you’re looking for on your shelves and in your bins? Well, instead of spending even more money on even more polish, why not try mixing some custom colours from the polishes you already own? Cutepolish shows you how it’s done. This technique is especially useful if the shade you have in mind is uncommon and you couldn’t find it in the store even when you tried!

3. DIY matte polish

Usually when you paint your nails, the polishes give them a shiny, glossed finish. Lately, however, matte finished nails have been all the rage, meaning that everyone has rushed to the store to buy either a special kind of polish in different colours or a special top coat that will turn any old polish matte. An Na, however, has hacked this technique and shows you how to make your own matte top coat for less!

4. DIY gel nail remover

If you’ve ever had gel or acrylic nails before then you know that they’re much more difficult to remove than the average nail polish or glue-on fake nails. Usually, you have to go back to the salon that did them for you and have them dissolve the gel nails safely in a solvent to avoid ripping them off and damaging your nail beds, and that usually costs money. Instead, try using this homemade gel nail remover from Lulu & Sweetpea that works just as well as the salon product but might even be gentler on your fingers!

5. Lemon and vinegar nail polish remover

Have you run out of nail polish remover but you don’t have time to go to the store for more, and the nail disaster you’ve had is far too urgent to wait until your next opportunity to pick some up? Then it’s time to start rifling through your kitchen cupboards instead! Saving Money, Living Smart is here to show you how to make your very own polish remover from vinegar and lemon juice, both of which we already have in our pantry.

6. DIY nail growth recipe

Do you have slow-growing nails that never quite seem to reach the length you want before breaking off? We had the same problem as well and it was totally frustrating. That’s why we started researching natural nail growth solutions and we were lucky enough to stumble across this DIY tutorial from Ela Gale! It might not seem like much, but we promise you from experience that it actually works.

7. DIY liquid tape

Even though we’ve had years of practice in painting our own nails and can create quite nice designs now, if we do say so ourselves, we still tend to accidentally get nail polish all over the skin around our nails on occasion. Some people try to prevent this put sticking tape around their nails, but it tends to stick at weird angles because your fingertips aren’t a flat shape. Using “liquid tape” like the professional salons is easier, but it can be pricey. That’s why Nails by Jema is here to teach you how to make your own! Paint it right onto your skin to catch stray polish, do your nails, let everything dry, and peel the “tape” off after.