DIY Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes – Arm Knitting Video Tutorial

Arm knitting is a lesser-known knitting technique, yet it can save you a lot of time and trouble – especially if you are just starting out in the art of knitting! If you are tired of knitting caps and gloves and you feel a bit daring and adventurous this time, then the Infinity scarf tutorial is exactly what you need.

All you need is:

  1. Some high-quality, fluffy wool in your preferred color
  2. Lot of creativity to get you started!

As the title of the knitting tutorial suggests, the scarf will be readily available in less than 30 minutes! When it comes to knitting, written tutorials can be very confusing, especially for an amateur.

Fortunately, this is a detailed video that emphasizes on all the arm knitting techniques you will be using the for Infinity scarf. Filmed closely and with the greatest attention to detail, this tutorial will show you that making your own scarf is much easier than you thought.

Arm Knitting Video Tutorial – Infinity Scarf in 30 Minutes

(via Handimania)

In addition to being so detailed, another benefit of this Infinity scarf arm knitting tutorial is the fact that no knitting tools are used – your hands are everything you need! This is perfect for rookie knitters who find it difficult to use the knitting tools, or who have injured themselves in the past.

Your fingers will serve as your new knitting tools for this project, and you will definitely love it!

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