DIY Cardboard Corner Shelf

Cardboard can be a very useful tool in constructing simple around-the-house devices. Learn how to take a simple cardboard box that was almost trash and turn it into a functional corner shelf. The project should be very quick to cut and assemble with scrap cardboard if you do the folds properly and also if you get the order of operations right.

Here we present an Esquinero Shelf made of Cardboard, we are very satisfied with the end result!
Check Below for the tutorial on how to create one for yourself.

Please Enjoy!

This simple  shelf can be painted in different colors, it all depends on the color of your wall.


The strength of the carton is one of the most important things, so in order to make it more resistant we can stick several pieces, all on top of another until we achieve the desired thickness which should be approximately 2.5cm.

Then we simply reinforce it with a lot of paper tape just as in the picture.


Then you should put two to three other layers of cardboard.

The final step is to simply paint it and feel that sense of pride that you achieved something.


It wasn’t hard to create it, in fact it was very easy but it really looks beautiful and clean.