Dad And Son Soak 33,000 Coins In Coca-Cola And Glue Them Down To Cover Dirty Garage Floor

Dominic Lowe and his son, Jon, from Pensford, England, have teamed up to create something wonderful together. The duo is using coins to tile the floor in their garage.

The effect is a gorgeous mosaic-like design. The duo soak the coins in Coca-Cola to make them shine. So far, they have used 33,700 coins, or about £670 ($906). They’re using heavy-duty glue as adhesive.

“We’ve been polishing some of the coins and leaving some dull to create a two-tone effect,” Dominic said.

Dominic got the idea after seeing a similar project on Facebook.

“I wanted to put the coins in a pattern. I think it reminds different people of different things: for some people it’s like the pyramids, inside the tombs,” he said. “In the evening, the sun comes through the windows and bounces off the metal. It’s beautiful.”

The project is only halfway done, yet the incredible pattern is already evident. He and Jon are getting some good bonding time as well, spending 10 hours a week putting in the hard work. It’s become a family affair, with Jon’s twin brother collecting coins and their younger sister helping them ready the floor each day.

Friends have donated their spare change for the project, and even strangers are handing them coins on the street.

“It will have the best dance floor in the village,” Jon said. “It’s been a great project to be involved with, and I can’t wait for it to be finished because my back’s starting to hurt!”

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