Crafts Made with Rocks and Stones

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Have you ever had those days with your kids where they’re suddenly desperate to craft but you weren’t prepared and now you feel like you don’t have any neat supplies left, so you have to get creative? Perhaps you actually just love the idea of making cute trinkets with your kids that you can put on display but that are quite permanent and will actually last. Maybe you’rethe one with the crafting craving and you just really like adding elements of the natural outdoors to your home whenever you can? In any of these circumstances (and more), getting creative with rocks and stones is an awesome idea for you!

Check out these 15 fun DIY projects and tutorials that will help you use fun, natural, and unconventional crafting “tools” right out of your own garden.

1. Painted rock cactus garden

Do you love the idea of having greenery and plants in your little apartment, but you work so much that you know you won’t have time to take care of them? Have you always loved how cacti look planted all in one pretty display together but you’re worried that your kids or your cat will hurt themselves on the prickles? Then check out this cute and creative alternative from Fab Art DIY! We love that making your own painted rock garden is like a double craft because you get to paint each actual “cactus” but the you also get to arrange all your rocks to your satisfaction. The best part? They’ll never die!

2. Paint can pebble planter

Perhaps you actually do have some real plants but those regular old terracotta planters that are so common in stores have just never really been your style? We can totally understand wanting something that’s a little more natural and neutral in your yard, especially if your plants or flower arrangements are more on the understated side. That’s why we like this pebble planter idea from Pic Photo! Their tutorial guides you through every step of the process to make your own in any size.

3. Pebble mosaic picture frame

Do you love the pebble mosaic look on the planter above but you’d actually prefer to bring that look inside and have it incorporated into the small details of your décor? Then take a look at these adorable little projects by Dollar Store Crafts! They show you a method of affixing rocks to simple premade things that will allow you to customize all kinds of frames, storage jars, and more!

4. Faux crystal nail polish rocks

Have you always loved the looks of precious gems, crystals, and natural rocks with stunning inner layers look but you don’t have the budget to buy such whimsical decorative trinkets and you’ve never been lucky enough to find any in your backyard? Then check out how Pic Photos brilliantly faked it using a regular nice rock and some pretty nail polish!

5. Rock wall hangers

Your Amazing Places guides you through the process of making rock and pebble wall hangers that will make your entryway, bathroom, or any other room look like a relaxing spa! We think you’ll be surprised at how simple their technique is. We love the way all different rocks look in this project but if you plan to hang nice clothes, considered polished ones with no jagged edges or corners so that nothing catches and ruins your garments.

6. Wire wrapped rock necklace pendants

Whether you found the rocks on the beach, purchases them from a natural crystal supplier, or were given them as “gifts” by your kids after their walk home from school, some rocks are just easy to dress up and turn in fancier jewelry than you might expect. We love the way Bowtie Diary wrapped these rocks in gold jewelry wire or find gold chain to create edgy, Bohemian chic necklace pendants. 

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