She Covers Her Face In Baby Powder, Then Dips It In Ice Water For A Flawless Look

Joan Crawford used to dip her entire face into ice water to keep her skin looking tight and to shrink her pores in order to maintain her classic beauty look. These days, submerging the face in ice water has been taken to the next level.

A recent Korean beauty trend has made it’s way to the United States. Instead of using an ice facial in the morning as part of a skin-care routine, makeup wearers are now using the procedure to get a flawless foundation look.

Nicole Skyes tried the facial for the first to see if it actually worked. Not only was Nicole impressed by the ice facial, she believed her makeup looked better than ever.

All an ice facial really requires is a little bit of baby powder and the courage to fearlessly dip your face in freezing cold water.

First, apply your foundation and makeup as you normally would. Then, cover the face in a thick layer of baby powder. Finally, submerge your face in the ice water.

When Nicole took her face out of the bowl and patted it dry (do not wipe, but gently pat to avoid smudging) she was shocked to look at her white towel. There was no makeup on the towel.

The ice water had dissolved the baby powder, but left her makeup perfectly in tact.

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Video Credit: Nicole Skyes / Facebook / Youtube