Coca-Cola isn’t just soda. Here are 8 nifty ways it can be used to thoroughly clean your home

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Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic beverages in the entire world. While many of us drink it on a regular basis, it turns out Coca-Cola has other uses. It’s not just meant to quench our thirsts. In fact, a can of Coke can be used as a cleaning agent to clean our home.

Hard-To-Scrub Dishes

If you have burnt residue on the bottom of a dish, then don’t fret. While scrubbing with a sponge will be tedious, try mixing Coca-Cola, dish detergent, and hot water inside. Let this mixture sit for a few minutes, and then try to scrub off the residue. It should come off easily now.


Chewing Gum Stuck In Hair

If your child ever mistakenly puts chewing gum in their hair, then use Coca-Cola to remove it. Pour a can of coke on the hair where the gum is located. Let it soak, and the gum will wash right out.


Bad Hair Dye?

Every now and then we experience a misunderstanding between us and our hairstylist. We might ask for one hair color, but the stylist might misinterpret that. If that happens, don’t panic. Coke won’t get rid of the hair color, but it will help blend the bad highlights and harsh colors together to even it out.

Fill a bucket full of Coke, and then let your head soak in it for several minutes. Alternatively, you can pour a few cans of Coke on your hair. Wash your hair after soaking like you normally would.


Give Metal Its Shine

Give metal its shine again by washing it with Coke. Put rusty and dirty tools in a bucket, and pour Coke on top.


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