Charming and Innovative: 14 DIY Concrete Planters

Potted plants are once again proving to be (forgive the pun) the evergreen trend that doesn’t seem to go away! One, they are a great way to be in touch with nature and two, they make a fabulous decoration piece! Whether you want to keep your plants inside in your living room or outside in your garden, there’s a charming DIY concrete planter to go with it and today we are blessing you with 14 of them!

1. Square Concrete Planter

Starting with simple shapes, this square concrete planter by My Pattern of Life embraces the minimalism and puts the plant into the center of attention! The gray color of concrete blends in like a chameleon and gives the green plant a platform to shine!

2. Concrete Pavers Turned Planters

For bigger flower arrangements, concrete pavers are a great resource for building a planter, as you can see at Upcycled Garden Style. You can really create big and noticeable pieces that will feel organic and appealing! Once they become an integral part of your garden you’ll wonder how you ever went without them!

3. Marbled Concrete Planters

Can’t get enough of marble? You don’t have to! Now even your small concrete planters can carry the look of marble, thanks to the genius idea by Row House Nest! They have a modern and innovative look, fitting in a home that is in need of some striking, compelling pieces!

4. Gold Concrete Planters

Adding a touch of gold to basically anything will instantly make it look more sophisticated and trendy! While concrete planters do have the tendency to conform to the decor they’re surrounded with, adding a touch of gold will really make them noticeable! Avanti Morochashares the details!

5. Ombre Concrete Planters

For dreamy, whimsical planters look no further than Apartment Therapy! The most charming thing about these concrete planters isn’t their tiny size or their copper cherry on top – it’s actually their ombre coloring that makes them enchanting and romantic!

6. Concrete Planter Box

Can a cardboard box be turned into a concrete planter? In the DIY world, everything is possible! Instructables always has some of the simplest, most creative projects and this planter box is no different! It started as a cardboard box, but now it’s an important piece of someone’s backyard!

7. Bright Concrete Planter

Concrete planters that you choose to keep inside normally have a softer look than those you place in the garden. Brittany Goldwyn has a great tutorial for a very bright planter with rounded edges that is absolutely ideal for any modern minimalist homeowner who wants a simple piece to display their plants in!

8. Tiny Concrete Planters

Miniature items have a chic and cute look, paired with the conveniency of being able to be placed just about anywhere! These tiny concrete planters we found at Erin Made This almost don’t take up any space; you can scatter them around the house, or keep them all in one place as part of a stylish decor piece.

9. Geometric Concrete Planters

Geometric shapes are a sure-fire way to bring dynamic into your living space and own a piece that feels truly unique. A geometric concrete planter is an interesting combination of neutral colors and energetic shapes! Find out more at Gray House Studio!

10. Wood & Concrete Planters

Adding another element to your concrete planter will definitely shake things up, especially if you choose an element that acts a complete opposite. The concrete has a hard, cold look, but the wood brings some warmth and softness to the table! Check out the tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks!

11. Triangle Concrete Planter

The shape of a triangle is hip and modern, perfect to be used in a home that is either ruled by modern pieces or needs something fresh to spice it up! You can create a majestic artsy installation from these epic triangle concrete planters, but not before you check in with A Piece of Rainbow!

12. Cute Concrete Planters

Do normal concrete planters just don’t cut it for you? Maybe they’re missing a cute factor! Channel the best of your spunky personality and put it in these amusing planters! They’re super easy to make and you’ll learn all about it at Instructables!

13. Modern Concrete Planter

The most incredible thing about this modern concrete planter is the way it makes your florals stand out! At the end of the day, a planter’s purpose is to be a wonderful home for your potted plants and Lana Red Studio‘s concrete planter does it splendidly!

14. Unique Concrete Planters

If you are bored with planters that all look the same, DIY in PDX brings you an idea of completely unique concrete planters! Each and every one of them is an opportunity for you to express your creativity by decorating each planter with a different pattern, making them one-of-a-kind!