What to buy in Aldi (and what not to buy)

Aldi supermarkets are located all around the world. If you haven’t visited one yet, chances are you will someday. Like every store, they have their own store brands and they carry some big brand names, too. If you’re thinking about trying out what they offer, check out this comprehensive list first.

The price-savvy blogger at AThriftyMrs.com created this mega-post of what to buy and what to avoid at Aldi. She goes over just about anything you’ll ever see in the supermarket, from refrigerated foods to fresh vegetables, household goods, and personal care items. For example, she loves the dried pasta but runs away from their store brand plastic cling wrap. It’s helpful to have someone else do the testing, and then tell you why things are pass or fail. Discover the best and worst products for sale at Aldi when you click the link below.