Best Way To Remove Mold Stains From Bathtub Caulking

Best Way To Remove Mold Stains From Bathtub Caulking

Bathtub caulking is a common place for stains and once they set in it can be very difficult to get rid of them. This is especially true for mold stains and these tend to be incredibly stubborn against traditional cleaning methods. Jessica offers some great tips about how to remove these tough stains from your caulking over at Just click the link below to restore your bathtub to its original bright color.

Here is the before shot (barf – remember, our bathroom has no window since it’s in the interior of our house, so it’s pretty dark in there and it’s not like sunlight can beam into the shower all day long):

I cut a piece of the cotton coil, soaked it in bleach, and let it sit overnight on the mold. (Tip: I put a disposable pie pan in the tub, poured the bleach in the pan, then soaked the cotton in there before transferring it to the mold – helps with the dripping! Then I just used a q-tip to press it into the mold so I wouldn’t get bleach on my fingers):

Look at the difference just on that little bit! Isn’t that incredible?!

And here’s a picture after I was finished – I ran the fan ALL NIGHT LONG to ventilate:

A-mazing!! I did this almost two months ago, and the mold has not returned – but it’s so awesome to know that if it does, I know what to do now!

Hopefully this helps someone else out there who just can’t get rid of the mold in their own shower. Don’t judge me too harshly – I promise I really do keep a clean house otherwise! Although seeing these pictures makes me realize that the walls of my shower could really use a good scrubbing. This is the trouble with a bathroom that doesn’t have a window in it – you don’t see things very clearly. Okay, I guess I know what my next project is! lol